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Kauai Best Guidebook
Your Guide to Kauai's Best Shopping, Activities, Dining and More!


 What are THE BEST activities, restaurants, shopping, sights and attractions on Kauai?

With so many choices available on Kaua‘i, visitors want to know one thing: “Who is THE BEST?” Kaua‘i Best Guidebook answers this question. What makes a business the best? For a start: high quality, consistency, reputation and, above all, great visitor satisfaction. The businesses featured here have been hand-selected for their excellence and are spotlighted for their specialty. Activities, Restaurants, and Shops have been carefully chosen to provide the perfect guide to the best Kaua‘i has to offer. Please refer to Kaua‘i’s Best Beaches for a quick overview of our favorites, and to the Best Things to Know guide to museums, botanical wonders, hikes, farmers' markets, and scenic drives. Keep it close at hand throughout your stay, and enjoy the best of our beautiful island! “Your vacation is precious and you deserve the best.”





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A Great Directory & Timersaver!

The ONLY Guidebook that offers you “Exclusivity”
in your category of Excellence

Unlike other publications, ACTIVITY WHOLESALERS 

  • Unique Island-Wide Distribution
  • Rise Above Your Competition
  • Designed for Easy Use and Portability


Average Age Group
28-65 years
Average Annual Income
62% over $100,000
8% Residents
6% International
86% Nation-wide Visitors


180,000 copies printed annually.


An average of 3 people, other than the initial reader see each issue of our magazines. That means almost half a million people read our magazines every month.


The Best Publishing has provided elegant and popular Visitor Magazines, within the Hawaiian Islands, over the last 3 DECADES. We remain the leader in print: year after year, decade after decade.


Best Guidebooks are designed to be a Constant Compendium for the visitor. The narrow size, easy-to-locate sections, easy-to-read format, thick cover stock and high-quality paper (used for the content pages), are just some of the well thought-out aspects – designed to ensure that visitors will hang-on to this guidebook and use it, over and over, throughout their stay.


When visitors are looking for "the best thing to do", our guidebook's name says it all and our user-friendly format rewards them with great local info! A highly informative guide, Best Guidebook can always be trusted to showcase tried-and-true, reputable, first class establishments.


While we produce Regional publications, our readership is Regional, National and International. Annually, Hawaii welcomes close to 8 MILLION VISITORS. Statistics show they spent $14.3 billion dollars during their stay in the islands in 2012.


Our unique Target-Marketing Approach gives you direct access to your customer. Huge Popularity, Saturated Distribution, Top Ranked in Reader Response.


We have a Proven Track-Record of Success with many long-time clientele who choose to showcase their businesses in Best Guidebook year-after-year. More than any other magazine, it remains one of the best sources for direct-business on the island.


Not just any business is allowed to advertise in the Best Guidebooks, and duplicate categories are never allowed. This ensures you have Exclusivity In Your Chosen Category within the guidebook, and all other advertisers are highlighted for their excellence as well. 


Unlike most national publications, Hawaii Visitor Magazines are shared. Each magazine is seen by an Average of 2-8 Readers and referred to multiple times.


Best Guidebooks are the Most Picked-Up Magazines at locations that reach visitors as soon as they arrive, at their first stops on the way to their resort, condo or hotel, and other locations as they explore the island.


Destination Management Companies routinely request Best Guidebook for groups attending Conventions, Special Corporate Events or Incentive Trips to the Hawaiian Islands.

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