Island of Big Island

Ten years ago, after a 35-year surgical career in Sacramento, CA, Bob Appleman made the Big Island his home. Ever since, his passionate focus has been on art— specifically drawing, sculpture and watercolor painting. In 2009, after painting with a group of plein air painters in Kona for a few years, Bob formed his own group with weekly North and South Kohala destinations. A contributor to this magazine for 6 years, Bob loves to share his watercolor paintings. In 2010 Bob decided to paint a dozen full sheet (22’ x 30”) orchids; each with a unique background color. By December 2012 the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel hosted a highly successful show of the finished pieces and Bob has since painted as an “artist in residence” each week. He encourages you to see his work at his home studio - call for an appointment to see his most recent works: 808-345-4034 or view his work online at

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