Island of Maui

Born in Rome, Dario Campanile’s magnifi cent paintings grace gallery walls in Rome, London, Paris, California, and Hawai‘i. He has risen to international renown as an important master of “New Realism,” elegant execution with a vibrant contemporary composition.
Campanile was among 85 artists from over 30 countries who participated in a multimedia art exhibition called “The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama.” Campanile traveled to India and was granted a private visit at the home of His Holiness. The Dalai Lama posed for Campanile, which provided the inspiration for the painting “The Missing Peace.”
As Dario explains, “Working in abstract is the most direct and pure form of artistic expression. The challenge, for me, is to be able to surrender and allow the pure, child-like energy to channel its creativity through me. When I allow this to happen, a world of symbolism and metaphor unfolds through my paintbrush. It is fascinating! I find that painting abstract is challenging because it takes more courage. It exposes my vulnerability. There is no control or rational behind it, yet there is tremendous freedom. I am facing an open canvas just waiting to be filled….”
Campanile’s lyrical work is both intimate and delicate, and his range of expression includes paintings, sculptures and cherished limited-edition prints. Collected worldwide, his work is represented exclusively on Maui by Lahaina Galleries in The Shops at Wailea and on Front Street in Lahaina.

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