Island of Maui

Fragrant Orchids of Maui is a charming, award-winning orchid nursery nestled in the expansive Ulumalu mountains (taken from a very old Portuguese word describing the land’s gentle undulations). With over 10,000 live plants, this fascinating nursery includes species such as fragrant Cattleya, vibrant Oncidium, colorful Phalaenopsis, unusual Bulbophyllum and Paphiopedilum. The grounds include a 10ft. Grammatophyllum, the largest known orchid. Fragrant Orchids is certified to ship throughout the U.S. Adjacent to the nursery is Lanikai Farms, a bio-friendly fish breeding and education facility for learning aquaculture and aquaponic food growing techniques. Offering free aquaculture education to schools, this farm is a living contribution towards a truly sustainable future, and is the first of its kind to promote and help develop a truly sustainable culture. Tours are offered by appointment only.

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