Island of Maui

One of the island’s finest sources of unique jewelry, Glass Mango Designs proudly features fine art bracelets created by hand here on Maui one at a time by Maile Kealoha. Each piece is based on the 19th Century Whalers Art of Knots and Weaves. This delicate art form dates back to the early 1800s when whaling ships first sailed to the Hawaiian Islands. The sailors aboard the whaling ships would use their talent and knowledge of nautical knots to fashion woven gifts as a pastime, using rope, leather, or twine for their intricate creations. Often these items were given to someone they cared about as a symbol of an “Unbreakable Bond” of friendship and or love. Maile Kealoha lovingly recreates these historical designs here on Maui, using precious metals, for a unique treasure that you can cherish for a lifetime! Each beautifully crafted bracelet is hand woven using strands of 14k gold-filled, fine silver, & .925 sterling silver, and is 100% nickel free.

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