Island of Maui

Humuhumunukunukuapua‘a (“Humu Humu” to locals) is a romantic thatched-roof, open-air bungalow sitting amid a saltwater lagoon, creating the perfect Hawaiian setting. Situated along the ocean, diners are treated to magical sunsets. The island-influenced menu features Chef Mike Lofaro’s passion for the ocean—hamachi with yuzu; crispy mahi mahi and Hokkaido scallops. Not to be missed, the spicy beef with tropical fruit escabeche is a featured land-based item. Voted “Best Chef” and “Best Resort Restaurant” by Maui News Readers, Chef Mike Lofaro hosts his own TV show “SEARCH Hawai‘i, Where Food Meets Culture.” Open for dinner, cocktails and Maui’s best Sunday brunch.

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