Island of Maui

Authentic, Hawaiian-inspired creations by Hawai‘i’s foremost designer Mikel. These timeless designs are the perfect gift for you or someone special back home. Each elegant collection is hand-crafted with love and aloha. Sensually inspired by the magical world beneath the sea, Golden Coral Collection dazzles, jingles and jangles with three shimmering shades of gold plus diamond. Are you in love? Mikel’s National Award Winning Hawaiian Love Pendant is a romantic celebration in white and yellow gold with diamond of two souls joined together as one. Tropical Turtles capture the majesty of our unique marine life. Inspired by early Hawaiian petroglyph carvings and imbued with a contemporary feel. Plumeria Petals Collection creates a fragrant remembrance of Hawai‘i in gleaming gold with diamond. Elegant, classic and sensual. Go Barefootin’ with Mikel’s popular whimsy in gold and diamond. Stroll along the beach and hang-loose! 

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