Island of Kauai

The impressive selection of fine, yet affordable, jewelry at Ocean Opulent Jewelry offers plenty of fashion-forward, sophisticated pieces for the modern woman, as well as beautiful Hawaiian inspired designs. Whether it’s trendy or traditional, you’ll find something for everyone at all price ranges. Collections include Honora Pearls, Liven Company, Semi-Precious Stones with Pavé Diamonds, Galatea Perfecting the Art of Carved Pearls, original pieces by Ann, and Artistry Jewelry featuring Blue and White Diamonds along with many other pieces. There’s also exquisite and rare Marah Lago Larimar designs, innovative island-style designs from award-winning jeweler Denny Wong including his newest line “Precious Silver,” which offers the look of white gold at more affordable prices, or unique handcrafted pieces by Mikel. Plus sterling silver necklaces, earrings, chains, charm bracelets and more.

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