Island of Maui

The exclusive upcountry farm for pacific‘O and Feast at Lele, this eight acres of pristine land is organically and biodynamically cultivated to supply Executive Chef Anton Haines with a colorful array of local produce. O‘O FARM offers a fun “Forage & Feast” tour of the gardens and orchards that allows guests to help harvest fresh produce while learning about organic farming methods. Resident-artisan chefs prepare a gourmet lunch from the morning’s bounty and everyone gathers about the farm’s outdoor kitchen for cooking demos and tips, then dines together family-style. Love coffee? Join the new “Seed to Cup Experience” at O’o Farm and be introduced to the exciting story of coffea arabica’s historic journey around the globe. As you roam the coffee fields, you’ll get familiar with agricultural methods and techniques involved in reducing ripe coffee cherries to roastable seeds, as well as the roasting process that converts the green seeds to the magic beans that begin our day. A chance to participate in the professional evaluation of roasted coffees and distinctive tastes will develop your sensory perceptions of this morning elixir, and a lesson in how to make the “perfect cappuccino” with international award-winning barista Greg Suekoff will complete your experience. Of course, you’re invited to linger while you sip and enjoy the breathtaking view.

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