Island of Kauai

Over 50 years ago, Grandpa Smith started the Smith family business in the sacred Wailua River Valley to celebrate and share the Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha that he loved and lived by. Today, four generations of the Smith family continue to honor that tradition with the SMITH FAMILY GARDEN LU‘AU. The heart of any lu‘au is the pa‘ina (feast) and they’ll make sure you won’t go hungry! Family favorites include Kalua pig roasted in the imu oven, teriyaki beef, chicken adobo, poi and much more. Then experience the rhythm of Aloha with a spectacular show. The lyrical sway of Hawaiian hula, the colorful precision of Tahitian drum dances and the fiery emotion of Samoan fire knife dance will take you on a whirlwind journey through the Pacific Rim.

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