Island of Maui

Dedicating his life to his passion of carving, Taani Tasini Lavaka’s dream of opening his own gallery has come to fruition. Tasini Tiki Gallery showcases Taani’s unique large scale hand sculpted wood carvings as well as smaller, easier to carry pieces and decorative items carved from bone. Some of his immense wood sculptures take over 1,000 hours to complete! Born and raised in Tonga, traditional carving with wood and bone is an important part of his culture. He started carving at age six, helping his father and grandfather carve functional pieces like canoes for fishing and tools for farming and hunting. He sold his first carving when his was fifteen years old and now at 64, has passed down the traditional art to his own sons. Taani’s art has been collected by dignitaries and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, President George Bush Senior, and Michael Jordan. Worldwide shipping available. The Shops at Wailea.

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