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Aloha! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the beautiful island of Kaua‘i. Our hope is that you will discover the many treasures our island has to offer—from the ‘ono (delicious" food, to the spectacular sights, and of course, our wonderful and welcoming community.

Derek S. K. Kawakami - Mayor, County of Kaua’i
Island of Kauai

Hawai‘i is renowned for its diversity of culture and spectacular landscapes that have inspired and enchanted visitors for centuries. From our fabulous beaches and inviting waterfalls, to the powerful telescopes that explore the universe from the snow-capped summit of Mauna Kea, The Big Island offers an unparalleled range of exciting activities for all those who visit.

Billy Kenoi - Mayor, Big Island of Hawaii
Big Island

“Year after year, Best Guidebook brings in lots of visitors to our stores. With so much competition, it really helps to be singled out as “The Best: Lifestyle Surf Shop.”

Honolua Surf Co. - Big Island Retailer
Big Island

“…there’s no comparison to the response I’ve received from my ads in Best Guidebook and the Dining Magazines. Nothing has been more successful in continuing to produce art sales and increasing name recognition. I can honestly say that my business is thriving because of these publications.”

Kim McDonald - Renowned Maui Artist
Island of Maui

Aloha and Welcome to our beautiful island of Maui. We hope you enjoy your visit. Use BEST GUIDEBOOK to discover the very best of Maui’s natural wonders, recreational activities, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and island culture.

Alan M. Arakawa - Mayor, Maui County
Island of Maui

Maui has much to offer. From bustling Lahaina to the natural beauty and unblemished landscapes of Haleakala National Park and the Road to Hana, Maui truly has something for everyone. The BEST GUIDEBOOK is a wonderful resource that will help you make the most of your trip to Maui, known as the Valley Isle.

David Ige - Governor, State of Hawai‘i
Island of Maui
Governor Ige

As a top producing real estate professional based in West Maui, I help people in a variety of ways beyond selling and buying real estate. On a daily basis, I refer to the Lahaina Dining Art & Shopping publication when directing visitors to the finest West Maui restaurants and retailers. It is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work because I “give back” to the West Maui business community by sharing my favorite West Maui attractions to the world… all from one publication!

Raymond S.F. Chin - MBA, Realtor® Broker, Maui Estates International
Island of Maui
Ray Chin Maui Realtor

As a business operator, it is essential that every advertising dollar you spend is spent well, and Lahaina Dining is definitely our market niche. Building trust is an integral part of any successful business relationship, and Mikel is friendly, caring and passionate about his work.

Shaughn Helliar - General Manager, Dukes Beach House
Island of Maui
Dukes Beach House Logo

“Year after year, Best Guidebook separates us from our competition. Being featured exclusively as ‘The Best’ produces considerable bookings, especially Direct Bookings.”

Sunshine Helicopters - Sunshine Helicopters, Owner
Big Island

Celebrating Over 35 Years In Hawaii

For over 3 decades, The Best Publishing Company has been producing a series of elegant and popular Visitor Magazines & Guidebooks for the islands of Maui, The Big Island and Kaua‘i.  Our magazines and guides are distributed for free throughout the Islands and also on the web.  

LOCALS KNOW BEST!  Our magazines and guides are published by established Hawaii residents.  We pledge to provide you with the local insight that you need to make your Maui, Kauai or Big Island vacation experience THE BEST it can possibly be!