Island of Maui

Alessio and Marcello Bugagiar combine their talents to create paintings of exquisite beauty. “The Twins,” as they are affectionately known on Maui, conceptualize the piece together, but have distinct responsibilities on the physical work. Marcello prepares the board for Alessio to paint. Afterward, Marcello often applies the finishing touches, such as the gilt and framing.
Traditionally, one painted onto wet or dry plaster with water-based pigments, primarily tempera, but in the 1500s artists such as Caravaggio and Leonardo da Vinci were experimenting with the use of oils on intonaco (plaster) and copper. Once sealed, copper will not tarnish and will last forever. Several hundred immaculately preserved 400-year-old oil paintings on copperplate exist today. “We feel that through these marvelous media we are rediscovering rare techniques that make our work unique. Koa wood and copper have become the foundation of our vision and originality,” says Marcello. These treatments are a perfect marriage of the Twins’ color palette, from charming scenes of Italy, as well as their new Hawaiian themed pieces—sophistication with natural energy, quality of light, and the spirit of aloha.
Steeped in the traditions of their native Italy, the Bugagiar twins are present-day masters of their craft, linking the Italian Renaissance with modern collectors who savor a glimpse of the golden era of past masters. The Twins’ artwork can be seen at Lahaina Galleries in Wailea and on Front Street, Lahaina. They make frequent appearances at Wailea on Wednesdays in The Shops at Wailea and Friday Night Art Night in Lahaina.

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