Island of Maui

There’s no shortage of shave ice on Maui. But, if you’re planning on having one, why not have THE BEST? As they say at Ululani’s, “All Shave Ice Is NOT Created Equal.” This is a must-do when in Hawai‘i. Be sure to stop into one of ULULANI’S HAWAIIAN SHAVE ICE’S four locations island-wide. Powdery soft, and if you’re trying a topical flavor, it literally tastes like biting into ice-cold tropical fruit! You’ll find yourself wanting to come back time and time again, so make sure you grab a punch card on your first visit. From the superior quality to the friendliest staff around, everything they do is special. Their signature recipes use only the highest quality ingredients including premium fruit purees, fruit juices, extracts, and time-tested concentrates. 100% of their syrups are made with pure cane sugar, and they make their own ice using filtered/purified Maui mountain water. Don’t forget the Maui-made Roselani ice cream on the bottom.

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