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Have you really been to Maui? Not until you to take a road trip to experience these unique and exciting areas. This newest edition of Upcountry Magazine is filled with information and maps to assist you in planning your adventure! Oprah Winfrey is featured on the front cover. Her Upcountry farm has inspired her and countless other to be conscious of what the land gives back to you and what you choose to eat. 

The small towns of Pa‘ia, Makawao, Hali‘imaile, Kula and Hana are home to over 600 artists. Our article An Abundance of Art provides you with great info on all of the area's creative talents and the many fine galleries that showcase the diverse and beautiful array of art.

When it comes to dining, Upcountry Maui offers a wide range of cafes and restaurants. Because the many towns are spread-out and require more driving than the popular resort areas of Maui, our Dining Directories can greatly assist you in making your plans for breakfast, lunch or dinner before you get on the road. We offer you a collection of the area's best restaurants and provide you with details necessary in making informed dining decisions.

Makawao — Cowboy Boots to Chic Boutiques (Page 34) is an insightful read about one of Maui's historic and diversely interesting towns. From cowboys to couture, this article introduces you to much of the town's fascinating past, top attractions, famous events and finest establishments. Makawao Boutique Shopping (Page 39) is a helpful directory of all the eclectic, sophisticated, and elegant shops to be found in this special town. And if total relaxation and papering are what you desire, our Makawao Spas Directory (Page 43) can help you find exactly that.

One of Maui's most majestic spectacles is the 10,023 foot dormant volcano, known as "Haleakala — House of the Sun." From her gentle slopes to her breathtaking summit, our features cover a unique perspective beginning on (Page 48). Tucked-away on the mountain is historic Ulapalakua Ranch, home to Maui’s winery, a country general store, and more! Read why you will want to make these treasures a planned stop on your Upcountry journey.

Visiting Maui's farms is one of the top reasons to take a trip Upcountry. For the Love of ‘aina… Maui Farms (Page 44) is a great introduction to some of the island's most fascinating agricultural destinations. Get informed on all the annual, ongoing and seasonal happenings in the Upcountry Events section on (Page 56).

HA‘IKU Explore the Sensual presents one of the most lush and naturally-diverse places to visit on Maui. From tropical rain forests to big wave surfing, you can make read all about it starting on (Page 52). The historic town of PA‘IA, once bustling with sugarcane production, is now transformed into a hip and eclectic surf-town. Get plenty of insight (Page 57) to this free-spirited town that has become such a popular Maui mecca for windsurfing, sightseeing, shopping, dining, people-watching and beaches.

No visit to Maui should go without taking the long and winding road to Hana. Heavenly Hana (Page 67) is written to assist you in preparing and planning for what you will encounter, what you will want to see, and where you will want to stop along this world-famous road-trip.

No matter what your tastes or interests, you will find this issue indispensable in planning your travels Upcountry or along the Road to Hana. Each of our area-specific sections are dedicated to help you get the best of everything, plus maps, and we have carefully designed and created the content to enrich your vacation — as you learn more about the lifestyles, culture and rich history of these unique regions of Maui.

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