Island of Maui

Wertheim Contemporary introduces Salvador Dali sculpture as an exciting addition to complement their featured artist, Andreas Nottebohm. Dali Sculpture is beautifully paired with Nottebohm’s magic on metal. Recognized as pioneer, and master of Metal Art, Nottebohm’s thought-provoking, awe-inspiring work bends the line between reality and the beyond, appreciated fully when viewed in person. “Nottebohm’s abstractions are mercurial, mysterious, mesmerizing, going well beyond contemporary art criticism to date.”—Lial Jones, director, Crocker Museum, CA. “Truly excellent, mysterious and beautiful.”—Ray Bradbury. Select collections include: The Crocker Museum CA, The Smithsonian Institution, NASA, Univ. of AZ Museum of Art, Nevada Museum of Art, Stephen Hawking, GE, Geico, Marriott Hotels, and the many clients Wertheim Contemporary has had the privilege to serve.

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